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Alexander Sadlo is an artist who has devoted his life to expressing his ideas in visual forms. His creative output includes large, usually semi-abstract paintings and collage in various media, vitreous enamels, and contemporary jewellery based around miniature enamels ("paintings to wear"), or carved opals or stones. Building and painting ceramics is another interest. His self-taught mastery of a great variety of media, always with a high degree of craftsmanship, combined with his instinctive practice of using bright harmonious colours, are hallmarks of his work.

Most works depict stylized human figures, often shown engaging in meaningful and interesting activities. For example, musicians in action have been a favourite subject for many years. However, his landscapes (especially the dramatic Australian ones) and portraits also reveal his skillful techniques, using ultra realism if the cause demands it. Vitreous enamel is a very difficult media to master, but over 40 years Alex has fine-tuned this medium, often firing works more than 30 times. Miniature realistic portraits might be considered the ultimate level in enamelling, and Alex's examples of these have been exhibited with the Royal Society of Miniature Painters and Gravers in London. However, it is his large figurative works in vitreous enamel on copper that are most demanding, and commanding.

Alex's early life was in Czechoslovakia, but while he was in art school in Prague, the communist takeover led to his escape in 1949. After a period in a refugee camp in Salzburg, he emigrated to Adelaide in Australia, where he lived for twenty two years. He returned to Europe in 1972, settling in England. His work is represented in national collections in Australia, and over his lifetime his work has been exhibited in exhibitions in Australia, France, Japan, Czech Republic, and England, notably with Life the Gallery, Farnham.

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